Incorporating and Registering a Business in St Lucia

The incorporation and registration of a company must be done through the registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property (ROCIP). It is highly recommended that the process be done through an attorney registered and operating in Saint Lucia. There are official forms to be completed during the process.

The following procedures, which are in accordance with the Companies Act of Saint Lucia, apply:
A foreign investor seeking to start up a business in Saint Lucia must:
1. Obtain approval for the name of business –Request for Name Search
• Business Name Search must be submitted to be approved by the Registrar.
• On approval, the Application for Registration and Statutory Declaration must be submitted to the Registrar, along with the approved Name Search form. An EC $2.50 stamp is required for the declaration.
• A prescribed fee of EC $125.00 is to be paid to the Registrar.
2. Prepare the incorporation documents1.
• An attorney prepares the articles of incorporation documents, which include:
i. The Articles of Incorporation.
ii. The Notice of Directors.
iii. The Notice of Address of Registered Office.
• Bylaws are not essential for forming the company but are highly recommended. Bylaws can be submitted and filed after incorporation.
1 Companies Act of Saint Lucia, Section 4 (2), An individual shall not form or join in the formation of a company under this Act who—
(a) is less than 18 years of age;
(b) is of unsound mind and has been so found by a registered medical practitioner in Saint Lucia or elsewhere; or
(c) has the status of a bankrupt
3. Register with the Commercial Registry.
• When registering the company with the commercial registry, the attorney pays an administrative fee of EC $850.00 when presenting the documents for registration.
• The registry issues a certificate of incorporation and the registration process is finalized.

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