Procedure for a foreign company to establish in St Lucia

An external (foreign) company seeking to establish in Saint Lucia must:
1. Obtain approval for the name of business –Request for Name Search
• Business name search must be submitted to be approved by the Registrar.
• On approval, the Application for Registration and Statutory Declaration must be submitted to the

Registrar, along with the approved Name Search form. An EC $2.50 stamp is required for the declaration.
• A prescribed fee of EC $125.00 is to be paid to the Registrar.

2. On approval, the following documents must be submitted;
• Application for Registration of External Company (Form 21)
• Copy of Corporate Instruments of the Company
• Statutory Declaration by a director of the company verifying the particulars in the statement.
• Statutory Declaration by an Attorney-at-Law
• Power of Attorney
• Consent to act as Attorney

NB: An EC $2.50 stamp is required for each declaration.

3. Upon submission and approval, a Certificate of Registration is issued after a prescribed fee of EC $3,125.00 is paid to the Registrar.

A company seal is not required for incorporation; however company seals may be required for registering certain documents e.g. at the Land registry. A company can obtain a rubber-stamp seal locally in seven (7) days. If a more formal embossed seal is required, it can be sourced overseas, usually within ten (10) working days.

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