Guide To Living A Great Life In St Lucia

If you are new or moving to St Lucia, then you may have probably realized how rich and diverse the St Lucian culture is. The cost of living in St Lucia is low no matter what part of the island you are. The good news about getting adjusted to life in St Lucia is that you’re never alone. Most of the people who live here are natives; therefore, you are surrounded by thousands who know exactly what life in Saint Lucia feels like. Besides, you can get all new resident information by contacting the St. Lucia Chamber of Commerce in Castries and St Lucia Tourist Board which is consistent throughout all communities in St Lucia.

Some of the big bonuses to living in St Lucia are the big property and personal income tax breaks that you can enjoy. You can establish your residency in St Lucia by applying for citizenship through St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment programme options if your net-worth is minimum USD$ 3, 000,000.00 or buying property in St Lucia. As a non-national you would need to get an Aliens Land Holding license.

Various licenses, forms and permits are also necessary for boats with engines bigger the 75 horse power, large crowd events, burning of rubbish, vehicles and selling of liquor. The cost of these are standard and would normally change by the government of St Lucia. offers specific information about all licenses to operate in Saint Lucia. There are many other important links and resources to other agencies that can help in relocating individuals or businesses. You can also visit our home guide directory for agencies.

You must always get the right insurance for your St Lucia real estate property & belongings while living in St Lucia. The recent slate of hurricanes over the last couple of years has inspired St Lucia’s Meteorologist Office to advise individuals on this important aspect of St Lucia living. There are many insurance companies and agents who can advise you on what insurance package that is best for you.

Ensure that you call or visit the St Lucia Ministry of Education website to find out available schools in your area and how they rate. In fact, it’s always a wise idea to select your property in close proximity to your preferred school especially if you expect to start a family in St Lucia. Each secondary school in St Lucia are different and offers different CXC programs.

Sparsely showers are part of life in St Lucia as you can expect rain at any time during the raining season. St Lucia’s weather is Rainy and Sunny and persons looking to relocate to St Lucia should be aware of thist. Knowing and being prepared for St Lucia’s lovely weather will make moving to St.Lucia easier. Be sure to ask the MET office or your neighbors how they prepare for hurricanes. Persons are generally alerted by local radio and television stations if St Lucia is expecting a tropical storm. Make sure that you have supplies on hand throughout the year. The local authorities (Meteorologist Office) will inform you about what you must have on hand, what should you expect, and who and how to contact for help as well as available shelters in your community.

Now that you are living in St Lucia, you should expect to see a lot more of your family and friends coming to Saint Lucia. Visiting Saint Lucia will become a yearly vacation for most of them. St Lucia has many sites and attraction that you can take them to. A bucket list or tours would be Soufriere Experience tour, Gros Piton tour, Sulphur springs park in the Caribbean only walk-in volcano. It also wouldn’t hurt to collect some brochures from the St Lucia Tourist Board, so you have a mini-library of resources at your fingertips for full day trips and all the exciting attractions. Remember St Lucia relies on tourism as its main revenue stream to sustain the economy. Therefore the St Lucia Tourist Board invest heavily to ensure that St Lucia is one of the top vacation spots in the Caribbean. Ensure that you keep any welcome packages you receive from Realty St Lucia – St Lucia Real Estate agency or St Lucia Realtors association at your fingertips for visitors should they decide to purchase property in St Lucia.

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