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Foreclosed Homes for Sale – The Judicial Process

Foreclosed Homes for Sale – The Judicial Process

Judicial Sales Process in Saint Lucia The judicial sale is an auction where a property is sold to a highest bidder who is referred to as the purchaser. Repossessed Properties for Sale The properties scheduled for judicial sales are advertised three times in the gazette The advertisement contains the deposit amount, location, size of property […]

Guide To Living A Great Life In St Lucia

Guide To Living A Great Life In St Lucia

If you are new or moving to St Lucia, then you may have probably realized how rich and diverse the St Lucian culture is. The cost of living in St Lucia is low no matter what part of the island you are. The good news about getting adjusted to life in St Lucia is that […]

Landings St Lucia FAQ

Landings St Lucia FAQ

 Landings St Lucia Villas for Sale FAQ    Who are the developers of The Landings and what is the ownership structure? In 2014 a consortium of homeowners purchased the last remaining parcels of building land at The Landings. This consortium, trading under the name of the Pigeon Island Development Company Limited, is now the Developer. […]

Investing in St Lucia Real Estate

Investing in St Lucia Real Estate   St Lucia now represents an excellent real estate investment opportunity, with the island about to implement its Citizenship by Investment programme. It is expected that the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program will make the island experience strong growth in both the property (real estate) and tourism sectors. The […]

Land Prices in St Lucia

Residential property prices in St Lucia have remained the same in 2015, but expects to increase with the new Citizenship by Investment Program that will start in 2016. St Lucia’s residential property prices are likely to increase by nearly 20-30 % in 2018 as developers begin to purchase property through the Real Estate option under the […]

Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment program which is scheduled to commence on January 1 2016 is not new to the Caribbean as St Kitts & Nevis did set precedence in 1984, with other countries like Dominica, Antigua and now St Lucia following. Saint Lucia has now passed the Citizenship by Investment Act No.14 of 2015 which […]

Property Appraisal and Valuation in St Lucia

An appraisal is a valuation of the property. An appraiser renders an estimate of value as of a certain date under assumptions and conditions stated in the appraisal report. Typically, a buyer’s lender requires an appraisal to verify that the loan is secured by property that is worth a certain amount. An appraisal is not […]

Incorporating and Registering a Business in St Lucia

The incorporation and registration of a company must be done through the registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property (ROCIP). It is highly recommended that the process be done through an attorney registered and operating in Saint Lucia. There are official forms to be completed during the process. The following procedures, which are in accordance with […]

St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program to Start in January 2016

Saint Lucia’s first citizenship by investment program was announced at Arton Capital’s 3rd Annual Global Citizen Forum, by the country’s Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning & Social Security, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony. The announcement will see foreigners for the first time gain citizenship and a Saint Lucian national passport through […]